Dubsmash App for Android | Download Dubsmash for Android[Free/How to]

Dubsmash app for android – Installation and usage guide [How to]

Dubsmash App for Android : Dubsmash is a video messaging application for Android and Apple mobiles which lets the users add soundtracks to videos recorded on their phones-often matching a clip of themselves performing a song or film scene or a dialogue with audio from the original.

This application was created by a team of German developers – Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik – and launched in November last year

App Name Dubsmash
File Size 25 MB
Developer Mobile Motion GmbH 
Downloads 100,000,000 – 500,000,000
Rating 4.2

Features of Dubsmash app :

1. Dubsmash is the best way to create selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds,dialogues and quotes.

2. This application allows users to lip syncronization over audio clips including sections of songs, movies,and famous quotes.

3. This app also allows the users to generate their own content.

4. Users can upload their own audio, sounds or selsect from a list of audio clips uploaded by others and can add colour filters and text animation to their recordings.

5. Users have to save their clips to their devices and can then share the clip they have created via Whatsapp,  Facebook, Instagram or in a text message.

The simplest way to make Video’s using Dubsmash App :

1. Select a famous quote ,sound or dialogue.

2. Start Recording a dubbed video on it.

3. Send the dubbed video to your friends.

How To Create Our Own Dubbed Videos Using Dubsmash Application Step by Step Procedure:

  • Open the Dubsmash app from your Apple or Android smartphone.
  • Select your most favourite audio clip from wide range of categories available in the application.
  • Carefully listen to the audios and remember those words which they say in it.
  • Download the audio clip.
  • Give a click on the audio to open the dub window on your smartphone.
  • Touch on start to start the audio clip which you can listen and perform lipsing.
  • As soon as the audio completes, Immediately the video processes after which you can share your dubbed video on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or in a text message.
  • If you want you can save it locally in your smart phone and have fun with amazingly dubbed video.

Download Dubsmash app for Android directly here [Free]Dubsmash android download

Do you want to create your own favourite lip sync videos ?.You want to express your favourite actor’s dialogues in your own way.You want to create a funny video on famous sounds or quotes with your own facial expressions.Here it is…just download Dubsmash application into your Android smartphone by clicking here.Follow above simple steps to make your own video with your funniest facial expressions.Share dubbed video to your friend’s on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or in a text message. Have fun with your hilarious dubbed video.

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