Top 5 Facebook Messenger app tips that you must know

Top 5 Facebook Messenger app tips that you must know

The Facebook Messenger app is one of the most popular messaging apps in the Play Store. A lot of us use it to message or call our contacts, but most of us are not aware of how to use this app to its fullest ? Here we are sharing some tips and tricks about Facebook messenger app that might be useful to you.

Top 5 Facebook Messenger app tricks

1) Play with your friends or play all alone

Facebook messenger app is not just an messaging app, we can also play games on it, but please note that it doesn’t have fancy games with great graphics, but they are very entertaining and at the same time we will have fun playing them

How to play games on facebook messenger app:

  • These games will be activated simply by an emoji. You would be wondering how with an amoji?? Let me make you clear about this
  • For example,if you send a basketball or football emoji to your friend and then click on the emoji, the game window will be opened. You can also challenge your friend directly through the game menu if you have the latest version of Facebook messeger app. click on More at the bottom right of your screen and then click on Game. Choose the game that you want to play and your opponent will then be informed of your score.

There are a lot of games available to play on the Facebook messenger app, ranging from the famous Pacman and Snake to a basketball/football games.

There is also an option to share your location with your friends, it is located just beside the game icon


Hope you really enjoyed this wonderful hidden trick about the Facebook messenger app and do share with your friends and have fun !!

2)Create shortcut chats on your home screen

Most of us chat in Facebook groups, we maintain one chat group for friends, one for the family, one for colleagues and so on..and the others tend to chat with only one or two in particular. We can save one or several chats  on our homescreen so that we can access them directly.

Isn’t that sounds cool?? Let us check how to do it:

  • Just go to the conversation window for that contact/group and go to the chat settings by clicking on the ‘i in a circle‘ icon on the top right of the screen.
  • A new screen will be appeared and you will see three vertical dots on the top right of the screen.
  • Click on these dots and you will find the option to create a shortcut.
  • The shortcuts are then placed on your screen and you can organize them as well according to your wish.


3)Access Messenger without logging into Facebook

Facebook messenger has been available to the users without facebook account since 2015. Facebook has its own web platform So if anyone without smartphones or without Facebook account can access Facebook messenger app using the above link. This feature can also be used by the people who have Facebook account.

4)Deactivate notifications

In Facebook messenger app, you can configure your device so that it no longer gives you Messenger notifications just like as in Whatsapp. The Messenger notification settings allow you to do even more as, not only can you block notifications for a specific contact, but you can also choose how long the notifications are deactivated for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, until the alarm sounds or until they are reactivated

Just go to the conversation window, and then to the settings by clicking on the ‘i in a circle‘ on the top right of the screen and then go into the notifications menu. You can activate/deactivate notifications with the button on the right hand side, however, there’s also a hidden notification personalization option. Click on the menu name and you’ll see a personalization window. Choose the desired mute duration, save it and it’s done!


5)Add a touch of sentimentality to your chats

Have you ever heard of the website Imgur? It’s a platform that’s similar to the Giphy site for GIFs. In short, you can use this gigantic GIF database for anything you want. Say your Messenger contact has lost faith in humanity and you want to remind them that not everything in life is that bad? You can send them a cheesy, soppy, cute image.

Of course, it would be tedious to have to look for an image on the Imgur site and then copy the link to send it on Messenger. To send an image, simply click on @dailycute and that’s it, an image and a comment will appear.

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